Internet Advertising Agencies Invest in Increasing Email Open Rates

Internet advertising agencies have one of the oldest services in the form of email marketing. One of the most important reasons due to which email marketing is still popular is that it is a completely non intrusive form of internet advertising. 77% of consumers say that emails are the ways in which they prefer to receive internet ads. However, for a promotional email to be successful in its venture, it has to be opened first. Getting the recipient to open the email is the most crucial step in the process of email marketing. Thus, internet advertising agencies all over the world constantly research to find the best methods to increase the open rates of emails.

This article discusses some of the ways that have been highlighted in the researches and used by the top internet advertising agencies to ensure high email open rates. The focus is of course on the content of subject lines since they play the most influential role in deciding whether an email is opened or discarded. However, there are a few other variables too that have come into active play in recent times.

Don’t Get Filtered Out

A lot of providers make the mistake of concentrating on terms signifying excitement in the subject line in order to attract the users. Thus terms like “Earn Profits”, “Free!!”, etc. seem to be the order of the day. However, there is a high probability that those emails will never make it to the inbox of the recipients. This is because such terms add to the spam points, and on reaching a certain number of points, the mails are automatically diverted to the spam box by the spam filters. An attractive subject line would then be of no use. So the first step is to completely stay away from such words if possible or to use them in a minimum number.

Optimum Length of the Subject Line

There are 2 lengths of subject lines that show better opening rates in a marked manner. Keep the length to 2 words or more than 14 words. Very short email subject lines score as they are objective while longer subject lines create an impression of being important in the minds of the readers. However, even the subject lines where the number of words is between 2-14 words can have a good opening rate if the other quotients discussed in this article are taken into consideration.

Time of Sending

You must have seen that even with social media platforms, uploading an image or updating your status at certain times of the day result in better responses than the others. The same is true for emails too. It has been seen that emails sent early in the day have a much higher open rate than the ones sent later. This would mean that mails sent to recipients of different countries should be scheduled according to their regional clocks. Experts suggest sending mails as early as 6 in the morning, so that they are the first things the users see before they get engaged with other tasks of the day.

Mobile Friendly

Considering the growing use of mobiles to stay connected through emails, creating emails that are mobile friendly may be the single most important requirement for internet advertising. On a worldwide basis, 47% users read emails on their mobile devices. This share is slated to keep on increasing. Since 63% users say that they immediately delete emails that are not mobile friendly, creating mobile friendly emails is a top priority for the internet advertising agencies.


A personalized internet ad email, which has been customized according to the location and demography, has a much better opening rate. Users are usually more prone to open emails that seem to have been written exclusively for them.

Internet advertising agencies constantly keep updating their bag of techniques to get the emails opened. Rules dictating the functioning of spam filters, changes in the online behavior of the users, etc. Are some of the top criteria that are constantly under their monitoring.