Free Internet Advertising – Unwritten Rules of Internet Forums

Free Internet advertising is sought after by most Internet marketers and one readily available source of free Internet advertising is the Internet forum. For Internet marketing novices, I’ll briefly explain how free Internet advertising is obtained from Internet forums.

Basically, Internet forums are message boards where members can exchange information, obtain advice or just chat. There are Internet forums to cater for every topic you would care to imagine (and a few you would probably prefer not to dwell on). The Internet marketer advertises his product simply by posting messages on the forums. There are some Internet forums that forbid the posting of advertisements but, on many of these forums, it is still possible to obtain free Internet advertising by use of a signature file. The signature file is a short piece of text which can contain a link to a website and which can be annexed to every posting a member makes on a forum message board.

If you have never tried forums as a source of free Internet advertising, you should bear in mind that there is an unwritten code of etiquette which need to be observed. The following are some of the unwritten rules which need to be followed if you intend to use forums for free Internet advertising for your business.

Read the Forum Rules

You need to read the rules of any Internet forum before you try to post a message there. I know this sounds obvious but it is clear that many forum users don’t bother to read the rules, despite the fact that the forum registration process inevitably includes a requirement for the applicant to check a box indicating that the forum rules have been read and will be adhered to. Don’t just sign up with the idea of getting as much free Internet advertising as possible from the forum. Many forums prohibit the posting of affiliate urls anywhere apart from in the members’ forum signature file. If you become a member of one of these forums without reading the rules and start posting your affiliate urls in messages, you will quickly find yourself labelled a “spammer”. In case you didn’t know, spammers are considered to be the lowest of the low on the Internet. If there was a virtual prison for Internet crime, Internet advertising spammers would have to be kept in solitary confinement for their own protection.

Lurk Before You Leap

Internet forum etiquette demands that you spend a little time “lurking” ie logging in at the forum and reading previous and current threads before you even think of starting to use the forum for free Internet advertising. Although lurking is not an official rule of Internet forums, it is largely accepted as an essential part of the unwritten code of behaviour. The practice is very useful. Lurking will enable you to get the feel of how a forum works, you will be able to ascertain the tone of the messages, the type of subject matter which is welcomed and the level of expertise of other forum members. You might even find that a particular forum is not for you and this could save you the embarrassment of posting an inappropriate message on the forum.

Be Subtle

You know that you are visiting the forum merely for the free Internet advertising for your website but it is better not to make this obvious if you want other members to react well to your advertising. Forums are rather like private clubs where members strike up friendships and make business deals. If you rush in waving your “FREE INTERNET ADVERTISING” placard you will not become popular, other members will consider you to be an abuser of their “club”. You will do much better if you quietly introduce yourself and keep the free Internet advertising down to a whisper in your signature file.

Remember Your Manners

How hard is it to say “thank you”? If you visit a forum and receive valuable advice which helps you in some way, take a moment to post a brief message of thanks to your advisor. If someone helped you out of a spot in the bricks and mortar world you would thank them. Remember that people who post on Internet forums are real too and they are under no obligation to help you. It is as easy to make a friend with a warm word as it is to create an enemy with a harsh word and you never know when you might meet these people again.

Help Whenever You Can

Help other people whenever you can. Even if you don’t have any specialist knowledge, you will find occasions when you can pass on good advice. If you received advice that took you to a solution, post a message to say how the advice helped and what steps you followed to sort things out, this will act as a signpost for other people who might find themselves in similar difficulties. Even though you joined the forum with the idea of using it merely as a form of free Internet advertising, make time to give something back. People will be more inclined to take an interest in your advertising if you become known as a helpful type. What goes around comes around and, in any event, the reputation of being a problem-solver is a bit of free Internet advertising in its own right.

Be Moderate

The majority of Internet forums have moderators to ensure that members stick to the rules. The job of a forum moderator is to keep the content of the forum appropriate. Remember, it is not just a place where you can indulge in free Internet advertising, so keep your messages within the forum rules. Any graffiti posted by members will be cleaned up by the moderators so that the forum environment is preserved for all members to enjoy. If you wish to retain the respect of your fellow forum members, make sure your posts never need to be cleaned up, be your own moderator. As well as sticking to the forum rules on content, you should also keep your messages moderate in tone. The Chambers dictionary includes the following definitions of “moderate”: kept within measure or bounds; not excessive or extreme; temperate. If you avoid drama and pathos in your forum posting and keep your messages moderate, you will not attract “flamers” and you can quietly enjoy your free Internet advertising.

Ration Your Reading

Internet forums can be addictive. There is a serious danger that you might log in to a forum with the idea of posting a message or two in order to get your daily ration of free Internet advertising but, the next thing you know is that half an hour has passed by while you have been engrossed in reading. There is nothing inherently wrong with spending time reading posts made by other forum members, it’s free entertainment and that’s fine. The problem is that, if you are trying to run an Internet marketing business and you lose yourself on forums for half an hour every day, you will be wasting something like half a day during the course of each week for the sake of posting a couple of links back to your website. That is not an economical use of your time. In fact, if you account for the value of your time, you will find you are actually paying a high price for your free Internet advertising on forums.

Copyright 2005 Elaine Currie

Best Free Internet Advertising Methods

Internet advertising can be very budget zapping, especially if you are trying to advertise a specific product using the PPC (pay per click) method. PPC is a very effective method of advertising, but with the extreme bidding wars and competition on the internet market; it sometimes becomes very intimidating for newbie’s. The best way to overcome this first obstacle is to begin by advertising free of charge. Now, you must be wondering whether a free advertising method exists at all. Well, yes it does – the Free Classified Ads Posting.

Some of the best free classified ad sites online include:

  • Craigslist
  • Kijiji
  • Spider
  • NYCWave and many others.

These websites are specifically made for marketers to advertise their products online, without the need to puzzle over advertising bills.

Free Classifieds

Classified ad sites typically consist of certain features to help advertisers place their ads. These features include: Ad forms, free subscriptions (on some sites), the choice of selecting ad posting days (the number days you want your ad to be displayed for), and free access at anytime and from anywhere on the planet. You will not need to install any software on your computer and neither will there be any initial or recurring charges. Everything is absolutely free of charge.

Using Free Classified Ad Sites

Free classified ad websites online are pretty easy to use. They consist of easy-to-fill ad forms, on which you’ll just need to fill-in your ad details before submitting them as postings. Most free classified ad sites offer optional premium upgrades, which give you access to some additional features to enhance your ads and improve their chances of attracting more customers. Some sites like Craigslist allow HTML links to your websites, while other sites only offer this feature on premium upgrades. Most classified ad sites require free registration, but a few allow postings without registrations too.

Internet Advertising Is Not Limited To Free Classifieds

Free advertising on the internet is not just limited to free classified ads. There are various other means of successfully advertising online for free.


Though you may not realize this, when you create blogs and bookmarks on social media sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and blog directories, you are actually posting free ads for products and services you’ve mentioned on your blogs. To make the best of this in the complete sense, you can begin by building a high quality, content rich and highly optimized blog. Be sure to make regular posts on your blogs. Every time you post something new to your blogs, be sure to get them exposed by posting and bookmarking the blogs on blog directories and social media marketing sites.

Press Releases

Press releases are another form of free advertising online, which are simply announcements of new products. With press releases, you have the benefit of creating a buzz around the product or service you are promoting. You can post your press release on other free press release sites if it is up to par with them. Free advertising online is not only a good technique to drive traffic online, but is also a very successful free advertising strategy which does not deserve to be overlooked.

Inexpensive Internet Advertising Solutions For Everyday Jane & Joe

Since the 1990’s, the Internet has become an integral medium in the advertising arena. It has developed into the preferred avenue by both consumers and businessmen in public shopping and business dealings respectively.

Distinguishing itself from other media; like television, radio and print with its inexpensive operating requirements, Internet advertising has become widely incorporated.

This budget friendly advertising method plus the considerable growth of Internet users has had great impact on a multimedia based consumer, culture, and business. It also has more of a capacity for managing multimedia subject matter.

It can capture and integrate texts, images, video, and audio from countless sources allowing advertisers to produce logos, moving banners, animated and 3d imagery. Then advertisers simply mix these items to produce successful and low cost Internet advertising solutions.

Affordable Internet advertising solutions also function as a communication station supporting a streamlined system for transaction and distribution management.

This is truly the best medium to help people do business within a short period of time.

With a click of a mouse plus a money-saving Internet advertising solution everyone wins. Shoppers locate desired information by visiting high-ranking websites. Businesses obtain the services that place them ahead of the competition. The online company is productive and clients are comfortably satisfied.

Unlike maintaining a physical building and awaiting a walk-in client which potentially wastes much time, money and resources, a low cost Internet advertising solution offers the benefits of 24/7 services, products, and sales. The consumer, on the other hand, also benefits from limitless availability of services, products, and purchase options.

Inexpensive Internet advertising solutions have a huge advantage over other advertising medium because they are specifically designed to be interactive.

A simple example off this would be the many, many ways you can use a blog to very inexpensively promote your business

When a consumer reads and subsequently clicks on a web advertisement, it is much easier and convenient to respond or query using e-mail, business reply cards, or live-chats. Unlike other impersonal advertising modes, low cost Internet advertising solutions have the ability to answer queries or comments quickly. This valuable aspect allows the e-businesses to reply, resolve complaints and answer inquiries in a manner that satisfies even the most demanding of clients.

Internet advertising solutions provide an inexpensive and effective method for attracting focused, quality-rich, targeted customers. These bargain priced Internet advertising solutions also provide website publishers with a market ready source from which to increase advertising revenue from their unsold inventory.

Conventional advertising methods, while minimally employed, will always be an option for business marketing. Nevertheless, due to the on-going technological advances of the Internet, people increasingly prefer their services online.

Low cost Internet advertising solutions offer everyone from the consumer, company, advertiser and even the “offline” person a simple alternative to business as usual.