Using Internet Advertising to Boost Your Business

Educating yourself is the first step to making sure that your business has every marketing advantage available. Learn about how the internet has helped other businesses, read about why it works now and decide if its is a good fit for your business. The good news is that you are doing just that right now.

Keep in mind that Internet trends change quickly, so make sure that you are reading the most up to date information that you can find. For example, now days, consumers want very little hype and flash. Gone are the days of flashy, bright web sites that make the customer blind upon entry. Research has proven that web sites that are to the point, clear and easy to navigate convert the most sales. With this in mind, be aware that you may need a new website, especially if your current one isn’t getting you new business.

So make sure your web site is easy to use, understandable and clear. Make sure your offers and service are not misleading and keep your contact information up to date. Make super sure that your customers can find what they want quickly.

The most effective tip to help you market your business online is to collaborate with a pro that focuses exclusively on Internet advertising.


It is in your best interests to do what you are good at. If you are a hairstylist, then you are good at that. If you are a plumber, that’s your gift, and so on and so forth.

Internet advertising is a full time job and requires constant education and training in order to be good at it.

Internet advertising is NOT putting up a web site, anyone can do that. Internet advertising means pleasing the search engines so that they give your site preference and place you first on a search page. It will take you years to figure out all the tricks to do that, so unless you plan on quitting your job and becoming a professional advertiser, you need to partner with someone already in the Internet game.

To sum it up, educate yourself enough to understand the concept of Internet advertising. After you know what your business needs, find a professional to help to set up a campaign to get your business in front of Internet customers. Remember, focus on what is already making you money and let the Internet advertising campaign take your skills to the next level!

Utah Internet Advertising – The Rights of the Self Important Consumer

Like advertisers, marketers and business professionals from many states across the U.S. (and beyond), the amount of resources invested by online Utah advertisers in Internet advertising services are growing every year. After all, Utah has a large entrepreneurial base and a cache of business experts who have made offline business in Utah a rather fierce affair. As truculent as the war has been however it seems that the most cutthroat battle is still ahead: the battle of Utah Internet Advertising.

Leveraging Advertising Power for More Effective Utah Internet Advertising

If your business has been rated well by major search engines or if you have invested in a successful PPC or affiliate marketing campaign you’ve probably glimpsed the awesome power the World Wide Web can have on the success of your humble business. When it comes to advertising and a meagerly small budget however it is hard to know how can you invest in the palmy Utah Internet advertising campaign that every Utah business professional could benefit from.

Utah Internet Advertising that Works

The answer to the Utah Internet advertising question may not be the answer that business professionals want to hear and by no means is it the only one. There are a variety of ways to tackle advertising challenges but the obvious way to be successful in advertisement is to create associations between your products/services and the needs of your customers. Finding the best way to make these cagey connections isn’t easy (especially if you want to remain ethically impregnable) but a simple way to begin is to decide which advertising methodology you want to utilize by observing the current trends of popular and propitious advertisements. The observation of these trends doesn’t have to be expensive. Watching T.V. Commercials for instance can be an easy and inexpensive way of creating your own analysis for your next Utah Internet advertising campaign.

This remainder of this article will focus on one of the current (i.e. From about the 60’s or 70s until the present) advertising trends that is working (and working well) in the United States today. You of course do not have to implement this technique in your own Utah Internet advertising campaign (some Utah professionals might even consider it unethical) but this analysis may help you to observe additional advertising trends that would prove more beneficial to your own Utah Internet advertising campaign.

The Current Advertising Trend of Rights to Indulgence, Self-Importance and Superiority: Would it work for a Utah Internet Advertising Campaign?

Consumers know that advertisers (some advertisers that is) are quick to use the basics of self preservation such as material goods (i.e. greed) and physical intimacy (i.e. sex) greed and sex to attract the average consumer. After all, every person is “susceptible” to these self-preserving needs. However, an online article1 by Richard F. Taflinger, PhD also points out that the concepts of self-esteem or a sense of “self” can contribute to successful material accomplishments and sexual intimacy which makes advertising to the “self” a popular way to kill two birds with one advertising stone! Of course, you might think this type of advertisement might not be used in Utah but if those are your thoughts, think again! Arctic Circle, a Utah based company has already used the technique for television (see below) based advertising and it is very likely that Utah Internet advertising examples are also (or will soon be) made available.

Examples of Self Importance and Self Indulgence Advertisements

A very popular method of advertising today is to create a sense that every human being whether a man or a woman has a right to indulge a sense of self or a sense of self importance and superiority as long as he or she has the means to purchase certain objects (of course the purchase requirement is NOT usually explicit). Examples of this zeitgeist of indulgence and superiority include examples such as the L’Oreal campaign slogan, “Because you’re worth it,”2 which of course infers that every woman (regardless of how much she has to spend) has the innate right to purchase mascara, foundation, eye liner and sparkled lotions. Additional examples of the right to indulgence campaigns include the following examples:

  • Dove Chocolate– “My Moment, My Dove”3
  • Hummer– “Restore Your Manhood”4
  • McDonald’s– “Your Deserve a Break Today”5
  • Johnny Walker Black Whiskey– “Honor Thyself”6
  • Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate– “Award Yourself the CDM”7
  • Acura– “The True Definition of Luxury. Yours.”8
  • Braniff Airways– “When you’ve got it, flaunt it.”9

The right to indulgence or superiority doesn’t end with individuals however. Groups can be persuaded to superiority as well. Take for example the United States Army slogan that says, “Some of Our Best Men are Women.”10

Utah self importance advertising includes the Arctic Circle commercial where the young boy drags a trash bag from his home out to the garbage barrel. Once the trash is deposited he is awarded with an Arctic Circle milkshake. Essentially the slogan is “Reward yourself even for small accomplishments.”

What does this mean for Utah Internet Advertising?

For your Utah Internet advertising campaign, you might not choose to invest in the trendy right to self indulgence campaigns. However, it is important to notice what people need and what people respond to in advertisements.

Whatever you choose to focus your Utah Internet advertising campaign on, make sure to do your advertising research first!











What’s The Difference Between Conventional Advertising And Internet Advertising

Sometimes, my correspondence with a friend or coworker yields interesting information about our rapidly changing world. This article was created from an email sent to a friend who was confused by all the changes going on in advertising today. He was especially troubled with how social media could fit into his advertising strategy. Here, is the answer I gave my friend who asked, “What’s the difference between conventional advertising and internet advertising?” I hope my answer to him helps you, as well.

My Answer

We live in a world, which is in constant flux. Rapid change is the norm. I was fortunate because I got involved with computers early on… when our world started to move at a much faster pace. The computer industry has forced me to learn something new every day. It has forced me to embrace change as a way of life. Do not get me wrong, I actually don’t like lots of change. However, whenever there are massive changes in society, many opportunities go with it, (and fraud).

A Viral Factor Speeds thing up

Most of the principles of Internet advertising are the same as other media. One of the primary differences is that Internet advertising has a strong viral factor to it. In regular advertising, we call this factor word of mouth. The viral factor is a free form of advertising where people pass your information on to others. The Internet was created to make it easy to pass information from one person to another. This attribute of the Internet amplifies the viral factor and greatly increases its results. This also affects the speed at which the message travels. The Speed at which your message is passed on is also one of the big differences.

Free Venues

Another difference is that the Internet offers many “free venues” for putting the word out on your product or service. Some example offered on the Internet includes your ability to leave comments and web links on articles sites and blogs, (these become back links to your website). You can also collaborate with other who have a similar customer base by swapping website links, (these are call link exchanges, another type of back link). You can even produce short videos and post them on YouTube as a form of free advertising. By adding your website links and contact information, you create even another type of back link to your primary web presence.

Social Networking

Then you have social networking. In many ways, social sites are “word of mouth” manifested electronically. This venue is all about connecting, sharing, entertaining, and having fun. Social networks are built on trust. If a trust relationship is not established, then no positive transactions take place. However, this does not mean that negative information will not be shared. On the contrary, if you make a customer mad today, their ability to bad mouth, your product or service is amplified and spread at the speed of light. People join social networks primarily to connect with others, share interesting and entertaining information. Your ability to build a trusting relationship with them is based on how well you are fulfilling their needs. If you do a great job, they will refer you to their friends. If you try to “hard sell” them, they will disconnect you from their “friends” lists, and you will lose a customer.

Pay Nothing or Pay and Expert

Today, a person who has learned how to take advantage of this medium doesn’t have to pay anything for Internet advertising. They just have to invest their time by creating back links, entering comments, and posting useful content. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have unlimited amounts of time to do this. Instead, we swap money for time and pay others to take care of the “free” advertising medium we have access too. The good news is that with some background checks and a little research you can find people who are honest and will do a great job. For many business owners, this is a trade worth making so they can spend more time with their families.

There you have it, my reply to the questions; what’s the difference between conventional advertising and Internet advertising? Obviously, there are other differences I left out just because of time restraints. There are many books written about these differences. If social media marketing is high on your advertising priority list, go to the library and check out few books on this subject and read them. In the meantime, follow these suggestions and keep on learning, it’s your best defense for staying ahead in the 21 century.

That’s my opinion. I welcome your.