The Biggest Trends for the Internet Advertising

Internet advertising can be described as marketing your business through the use of the internet. There are a lot of ways that this can be done. Here are the biggest internet advertising trends that are effective today.

  • Making use of micro-communities- instead of aiming to advertise your business to international clients, you can consider targeting people in your local regions. Aside from that, one main advantage is that it is actually cheaper to use keywords in a local region than it is internationally, so you could get bigger hits on your website if the region is a micro-community.
  • Social media you may have already heard how joining a social media website may be beneficial to you, but it would be worth knowing that with social media, you can advertise without paying a large amount of money. At the same time, your users will not be experiencing any charge for doing business with you.
  • Localization- this is made possible through features like geo-tagging and mapping as this will help you in finding a local market. Making use of applications that allow you to know where your customers are, can help you in making products that are tailored to their needs.
  • Smart phones- applications found in smartphones now use internet advertising. This is through a particular business being affiliated with a specific game or application and hence the user gets to find out about the business.
  • Data- data can be the most crucial information you could ever use for your business. Data give you exact figures on the number of people looking for a product like yours, how many times they are likely to use it, any feedback about your product, etc.
  • Relating with your customers directly- most savvy business owners have realized that it is more rewarding and informative if they communicated directly with their customers. This can be through social-networking sites where your customers can leave you feedback about your product or services while allowing you the chance finds about what kind of products or services they want.
  • A video- a video would be a great way to give your customers a feel of what it is you have to offer. It will also tell them that you value them. Videos are also more engaging because they can even give step by step guides on how to use your product.
  • Younger crowds- a lot more youngsters are using the internet as compared to adults and this means that internet advertisements are being aimed more at a younger population. There are higher chances that they will come across your advertisement in contrast to adults. In this case, the advertisement needs to be catchy while at the same time being able to offer them something that is unique.
  • Content- it doesn’t matter how you advertise your product, but if you do not have the right content for your target, all your internet advertising will be in vain. Make sure the content you create around your product is relevant and related to it.

History and Developments in Internet Advertising

Internet advertising is growing at a rapid pace, and is growing faster than any of the traditional methods. Even though it has been around since 1994, and is 18 years old, Internet advertising has gained immense popularity, and today it has become a necessity for every business owner to use it as a means of advertising, promoting and selling their products and services online. Let us take a look at the history and developments in Internet advertising that took place in these 18 years.

History of Internet advertising:

• Internet advertising or online advertising started in the year 1994.

• In mid 1990s, when the Internet was new to people, there was a misconception that it is only useful to the scientists and students who are pursuing computer related academics.

• The Internet became very common and easily available to people during 1996 and 1997. Then, slowly people started understanding that, the Internet can also be used in various ways.

• In 1994, HotWired first sold spaces on its website for advertisements to many businesses. This was the start of the Internet advertising.

• Advertisers began buying spaces on the popular websites where their company’s brand would get noticed by the visitors.

• Number of websites started growing in thousands and millions, and advertisers felt that it was not good to stick to one popular website. Then the advertisers started buying spaces from many popular websites, and made their brands visible to many audiences.

Developments in Internet advertising:

• During early 2000s, Internet users started identifying the benefits of commercial services on the Internet. This lead to the craze of having a website for businesses/organization, so that the presence of their company is felt in the Internet.

• Since the start of Internet advertising, there was a constant growth till 1998 ($1.9 billion in annual revenue). But there was a huge growth in 1999 ($7.6 billion in annual revenue) and the momentum is still continuing. The revenue is increasing every year.

• But the companies were not sure whether the user would visit the company’s website directly. Then came the concept of “banners” or “banner ads”.

• A banner is a small note located at one side of the website with some information and link to the company’s website. When clicked on that link, the user goes directly to the company’s website.

• Internet advertising actually got noticed by the common people in 2007 with the help of Google. Google in 2007, brought a revolution of Internet advertising.

• As years passed on, developments in technology and animation advertisements increased, where the use of technologies like flash player, etc. came into existence.

• Animated advertisements are small videos or movies that attract the user easily.

• Animated advertisements make banner ads more lively and attractive.

• After 2010, with the introduction of smart phones and advanced mobile phones in the market, it became easier for businesses to promote their products/services to the people. These high end phones provided access to the Internet, and this is how Internet advertising market grew further.

• Social networking sites made targeted audiences closer to the companies and the interaction between them has become more simple.

Online advertising has become a global phenomenon, and in the years to come, there are a lot of surprises in store that will make online advertising platform easier to use.

Internet Advertising Can Take Your Company to New Heights

Whether yours is a product website or a service website, advertising is a must for your business. Most people advertise either on television or on the print media for exposure. But, the trend has now changed. More and more website is now keen on advertising for their goods online. Yes, on the World Wide Web. The web has become a much wider platform for advertising with more and more people now, switching over to the internet.

This increase in popularity of the internet has not only increased the number of internet users but has also increased the number of internet advertising companies. Advertising companies for the internet are growing rapidly across the internet. They provide various mediums of online advertising to the websites, and help them promote their sites online.

A good internet advertising company provides a full pre scheduled plan of how they are going to go about advertising the website on the internet. They are the best medium in which a website can get it self popular amongst millions of prospective clients that are using the internet at any given point of time.

Internet advertising companies will provide you with a list of quality websites with whom you can exchange advertisements in the form of banners or contextual ads. The advantage of advertising on quality websites that are somehow related to your business is that they enable a flow of quality traffic into your website.

Internet advertising is comparatively much cheaper as compared to other advertising mediums like print and television. Internet advertising companies do not charge exuberantly for their services, and in most cases provide extra benefits of suggesting changes in the website layout, search engine management tips, advertising gimmicks and so on.

The competition between websites for the top position is rapidly increasing and cannot be compensated for any chance. It has become extremely important for high aiming websites to seek help from top ranking internet advertising [] companies to begin campaigning for them. The tremendous rise in internet usage by people across the globe has brought in such a period where everyone wishes to make the best out of it.